Market Research and Survey

      1. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Market Research and Survey for the Social Development Fund and Ministry of Trade, Regional Integration and Employment, The Gambia, 2014.
      2. Gambia Graduate Tracer Study (Data Collection/Cleaning) for the World Bank and Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, The Gambia, 2012
      3. Institutions Taking Roots in Challenging Contexts (a study of the Gambian education sector) for the World Bank U.S.A, 2011.
      4. Conduct of study on Aid Profiling in the Gambia for the Pro-POOR ADVOCAY GROUP OF THE Gambia, an NGO being funded by the World Bank and Action Aid, The Gambia, 2008.
      5. National Catholic Survey of Socio-economic Characteristics for the Catholic Relief Services and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Banjul, 2001.
      6. Labour Market Information Study in The Gambia for the World Bank to assist the preparation of a corporate plan for the University of The Gambia – funded by the European Commission.
      7. Customer Satisfaction Survey: Quantum Associates Company Limited, The Gambia.

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