Impact/Project Evaluation, Assessment, and Completion Reporting

      1. Mid-term Review of the Istanbul Programme of Action for the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment, 2016.
      2. Country Assistance Evaluation (CAE) for Islamic Development Bank Projects in the Education and Health Sectors of The Gambia for the IDB, 2015.
      3. Project Completion Report for the Basic Education Project in Darfur States, Republic of Sudan for the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), 2012.
      4. Preparation of Project Completion Report (Construction of Schools in Southern Sudan) for the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), 2012.
      5. Mid-term Review of the Public Service Reform and Institutional Capacity Development (PSRICD) Project, 2011.
      6. Mid-term Review of the Rural Finance Project, The Gambia for IFAD, 2011.
      7. Assessment of Bwiam Lodge for Ding Ding Bantaba Federation and Child Fund, The Gambia, 2011.
      8. DELTA Programme Cycles I & II Impact assessment and Process Evaluation Report for Gambia Pastoral Institute – Roman Catholic Mission, Diocese of Banjul, 2001.
      9. Rehabilitation of Health Training Facilities – Project Completion Report, Sponsored by The Government of The Gambia and the UNDP.

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