Emanic Consulting is a Gambian incorporated consulting company established in March 1999, as part of the national process of rethinking development within the challenge posed by The Gambia Vision 2020: the national development blueprint. In this document, it is proposed to reinvent the approach to development programming towards ensuring more intense participation by nationals at all levels; so that the development route of the Gambia will result from a national need and specification for a growth direction, and hence deliver the type of development that will enable The Gambia to start and sustain the road to being integrated into the world economy and benefit more optimally from the utilisation of world resources.

Emanic Consulting having been set up in order to close the gap between necessities and need in the domestic expertise requirement for professionalism in consulting and investment services has become a formidable household name in consulting in The Gambia. It prides itself with a wide range of personnel that combine unparalleled education, experience and skills required to ensure comprehensive and well thought out realistic policy review, analysis and design, and a host of investment analysis and advice for all forms of activities.

Emanic Consulting embodies all that is required in ensuring effective policy design and implementation for the private and public sectors, redesign and overhaul of institutional systems within a strategic outfit and assess and ensure investment in the safest and yet highest return and diversified portfolio mix. In short, our objectives are to assist in ensuring the effective mobilization and provision of financial and managerial resources and expertise to private and public sector individuals and institutional players.

Feel free to download our corporate leaflet here http://emanicconsulting.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/corporate_leaflet.pdf